This is an absolutely blissful Naica Spherule. I can’t lighten up the photograph at all as otherwise, the Spherule itself just looks like a ball of light and it’s impossible to see it’s shape! These are small, delicate pieces, but WOW is the energy incredible!! Some of these spherules are singles, others are doubles. Please check sizing carefully.

Naica Spherules are incredibly rare. The Naica mine is a lead, zinc and silver mine located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Caves found 1000 feet below the surface during the mining operations led to the discovery of the Cueva de los Cristales (cave of crystals), a giant cavern filled with the biggest Selenite (Gypsum) crystals ever located on earth. The photograph circulated worldwide shows huge crystal formations with tiny little humans dotted on them in bright orange protective suits as it is so hot in these caves due to the magma chambers located directly underneath the caves.

Naica Spherules are tiny little balls of Selenite that have formed in the whirlpools of the hydrothermal fluids released by the magma chambers. They look like spiky little snowballs and have an absolutely blissful energy. They weren’t formed in the Cueva de los Cristales, but are from the same, Naica mine, just a different chamber.

Energetically, Naica Selenite is the highest vibration of Selenite on Earth. It is said to raise vibrations, keeping us focused on our highest good and firmly connected to Universal energy for guidance, motivation and support. They are blissful, beautiful creations from Mother Earth and simply take my breath away. On a physical level, they sooth nerves, releasing stress, anxiety and worry.

Approximately 1.9cm (19mm) long x 1.4cm (14mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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