This is a gorgeous Moldavite pendant set in thick sterling silver. All of these pendants jumped out and tingled in my hand, so they are full of strong, transformational energy.

Please Click Here if you would like to read my informative blog on Moldavite. I have purchased my genuine Moldavite from the same reputable supplier in Czechoslovakia for well over a decade.

Moldavite is a meteorite from outer space that landed on Earth approx 16million years ago.  It helps one along the spiritual path better than any other mineral available & provides energy and enthusiasm along the way. It is considered the stone of Spiritual Transformation. If you are stuck on any level, can”t move forward, don”t know which path to take or know there are changes that need to be made, but just can”t find the courage or ability to do so, Moldavite is the stone for you. I use it in talks & workshops as it is one of the few crystals most people can physically feel vibrating.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 2cm long (20mm) X 0.8cm wide (8mm). Please check sizing carefully.


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