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Mexican Turquoise – Item J


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A gorgeous, vivid blue piece of Mexican Turquoise. The energy of this Turquoise is strong, supportive, protective and quite masculine. This masculine energy helps our mind to think in a rational, logical, clear way, which is helpful for those who are strongly affected by their emotions. This strengthening of the positive traits of masculine energy can help calm, support and guide us during times of change, travel, stress or chaos. These pieces are affordable and feel fantastic. Each piece is unique 🙂

Turquoise is the stone for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release of useless regrets. It is good for protection, communication and travelling and helps to oxygenate the blood & lower blood pressure. If someone were taking a journey or travelling, I’d recommend wearing or taking a piece of Turquoise.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.5cm (25mm) long X 1.5cm (15mm) wide. Please check sizing carefully as most of these pieces are quite flat, so would easily slip inside a bra, pocket or pillowcase. However, some pieces are quite thick and others larger. Thank you 🙂

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