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Mexican Blue Opal – Item C


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This is a gorgeous piece of Mexican Blue Opal with a lovely feel to it. All of these small pieces would easily slip into a pocket, bra or pillowcase. They all have lovely markings and a really stable energy. Definitely a feel good crystal 🙂

If you would like to read my informative blog on this new discovery of Mexican Blue Opals, please Click Here.

Opals are very stimulating gemstones, so I like that this new discovery feels a lot more subtle and supportive. The stunning depth of purple colour in these Opals signifies that they are about cosmic connection, bringing in flashes of intuitive guidance with a strong sense of ‘rightness’. We often question our intuition time and again, arguing with the logical mind. Carrying a Mexican Blue Opal seems to alleviate those doubts & insecurities so we can freely & confidently act on our intuition.

Opals are extremely spiritual gemstones, bringing in protective energies for deep inner work, meditations or journeys. They slowly bring our shadow side to the surface in a way that istransformational and reveals our hidden gifts  ~ those gifts that are often discarded in the depths of ourselves that we do not want to look at or are ashamed of. Whilst looking at the shadow side of ourselves can be uncomfortable & leave us feeling vulnerable, using the Mexican Blue Opal allows us to look at our feelings and thoughts with enough distance to be able to detach from them and let them go.

Mexican Blue Opals provide gentle, supportive, nurturing energies so we can transform ourselves or experience challenging situations and come out the other side calmer, wiser and stronger than before. The heavy amount of purple in these stones mean they are excellent for easing the nervous system, soothing our stress away and easing depressive or negative feelings. This stone is not joyful as such, but it seems to ease all of the symptoms of anxiety that are present in our day-to-day lives.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.2cm (22mm) long X 1.8cm (18mm) wide.

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