This is a lovely piece of the highest quality Merlinite available that has been hand polished into a lovely, tactile slice. The shine, patterning and energy of these slices is magical!

Merlinite is simply a marketing name for a form of Dendritic Agate. The white is quartz, whilst the black is Psilomelane. It should not be confused with ‘Mystic Merlinite’, which is a completely different mineral. ‘Mystic Merlinite’ is a marketing name for Indigo Gabbro and I’d avoid anything with the ‘mystic’ name as it usually means it’s already a known crystal that has been given another ‘spiritual or magical’ name in order to sell it at a ridiculously elevated in price. Merlinite is a form of Agate and Agate is not expensive. Mystic Merlinite is actually Indigo Gabbro and Indigo Gabbro is not expensive either.

Merlinite is said to attract balance and luck into our lives. It is a Shamanic stone said to enhance our intuition and psychic skills, whilst keeping our feet firmly grounded in the Earth. Merlinite is all about spiritual growth and is considered the ‘Stone of Self Mastery’. It helps us to balance the masculine and feminine energy within our body as well as the energy between our internal and external selves. Merlinite is said to draw and keep our Spirit Guides close to us, so they may whisper to us in dreams, in visions and through our subconscious. If we need to explore our shadow side, the side of ourselves that we find difficult to accept, then Merlinite is an excellent stone to use. It is within the darkness that we find our light, so at some point along our spiritual path, we must all explore our darker, hidden or ‘shadow’ side. Merlinite takes us into the dark so we can deeply connect, learn about and accept ourselves completely ~ but it then directs us toward our light. It is also said to be good for exploring past lives ~ anything really that involves that higher, more connected spiritual energy. On a physical level it is said to ground our nervous system, clearing it of negative nervous energy and this also allows headaches caused by stress or high blood pressure to ease. Many find it a powerful energy, but one that is very supportive and stabilising once we get used to it.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3cm (30mm) long x 3cm (30mm) wide.


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