This a gorgeous, flat piece of Maria Glass Selenite, straight as it comes out of the ground. The energy and clarity of this particular form of Selenite is simply divine! It is the oldest form of Selenite on the planet and this piece is large, much bigger than my entire hand both in length and width. The energy is incredible!! 

Selenite can be used for cleansing and clearing auras, to pull Angelic/Spirit energies into a group/circle and for directing very cleansing, gentle energies. Selenite is good for bones, teeth, muscles and physical flexibility. It facilitates growth, expansion and openness. Selenite is also called Halo Rock and is known for its gentle, serene connection to both Angelics and the Spirit Realms. Also accesses ancient records and is excellent for healing practitioners & meditation.

Approx 8.3cm (83mm) long X 4.6cm (46mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but these pieces need to be bubble wrapped to protect them. 


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