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Marcasite – Natural Nodule – Item A


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This is a gorgeous, natural ‘ball’ of Marcasite. This is how it grows. These stunning, rainbow shimmering nodules are packed full of juicy, creative energy. These pieces were mined, by hand, in Madagascar and are amazing to look at, let alone feel and work with.

On a physical level, Marcasite is an energetic ‘booster’. It is said to be good for low libido, low energy, our adrenals, constipation, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Marcasite carries a strong energy of creativity, fire, motivation and feeling safe whilst moving forwards. It is said to alleviate fatigue, particularly that of the mind. Sometimes we lose focus, concentration or direction. Marcasite is the perfect mineral ally to bring us back home to ourselves ~ and it does so in quite a magical way 😉

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.4cm (34mm) long X 2.8cm (28mm) wide.

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