Magnetite ~ Item A


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This is a lovely chunk of Magnetite, straight as it comes out of the ground.

On a physical level, Magnetite is said to be good for the brain and our general sense of stability and balance. It’s a very grounding energy and quite strong, making it an excellent choice for manifestation or shamanic work. It’s quite interesting how this mineral seems to open us up on the inside and create or move energy. Fabulous for chakra balancing too 🙂

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 4cm (40mm) long x 3cm (30mm) wide. This mineral will be sent small parcel rate due to it’s weight. We try to check all postal rates, but just in case, if your parcel arrives and has cost under £3.50 to post, please contact me for an immediate refund on any postage overcharge. Thank you 🙂


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