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Luna Rose – Bracelet – Item A


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This is a gorgeous pebble in the beautiful, natural Luna Rose Quartz. These Pebbles are absolutely gorgeous, like little boulders of love. Each is completely unique, some being a really solid grey, others pink, others opaque or see through. Each piece has it’s own, unique frequency and you will be drawn to the one that will support you most.

If you would like to read my informative blog on Luna Rose Quartz, please Click Here.

Luna Rose is Rose Quartz that has grown with Graphite. It was originally discovered in Namibia and also grows in Madagascar. There are some sellers saying this form of Rose Quartz has been irradiated or created by man. Am not sure where they got this information from as it simply isn’t true. The Graphite brings in a blend of silvery, grey hues that are soft, gentle and work beautifully with the pinks. On an energetic level, Graphite is a fantastic conductor of energy, which is why Luna Rose reaches the depths of our cellular, physical body, rather than just working with our emotions. This makes it a fantastic stone to work with when doing ancestral working or when clearing deep trauma from our body permanently.

Luna Rose is a crystal of quiet power. For me, this beautiful mineral carries a far deeper energy of love and emotional balance than that of Rose Quartz alone. It also feels very different to Iron Rose Quartz. It’s hard to explain in words….. Luna Rose, quite simply, is more nourishing. It’s frequency sinks far deeper into the body, so it’s not working purely on our emotional field and, instead, is working on the energy of love deep within our cells.

For me, Rose Quartz works on an emotional level. Iron Rose Quartz works on an emotional and mental level. Luna Rose works on both of those and then brings the energy of love into the physical and our body. It works best when we are truly ready to surrender to the opening of our personal power centre (heart for men, sacral for women). If you’re a man or woman who has shut down or had to protect your heart, Luna Rose provides the deep comfort and safety to allow you to slowly start to open that up again to receive. Feminine energy (whether you’re a man or a woman) is receptive and linked directly to our levels of Self Worth.

Approx wrist size 21cm (210mm). You will receive a bracelet like that in the photograph as they are all fairly similar.

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