Lithium Quartz Pendant ~ Sterling Silverwire


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This is gorgeous, polished point of Lithum Quartz set in thick Sterling Silverwire. Such a rare find in jewellery! It has been handmade by K Miraglia. I keep thinking I’ll stop having these made as it is expensive to send pieces to the States, have them wired and then posted back. However, they never fail to take my breath away and are so classy, as well as being highly unique. I’ve taken pictures from two different angles to try to show the stunning beauty and design work of this piece.

There are whisps of Lithium at the top of this piece with a thick layer at the bottom ~ the quartz in between has a fabulous clarity, sparkle and energy to it. Truly a one of a kind piece 🙂

Lithium Quartz is rare. It is fabulous to pop in a water filter as the crystal energises the water, keeping all molecules radiating positive energy! Lithium Quartz is excellent for depression, panic attacks, anxiety & nervous disorders Calms the mind, opens the heart. Encourages one to be present in the here and now and release negative attachments. Removes stress, worry and anxiety.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 4.2cm (42mm) long X 1.7cm (17mm) wide.


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