Lithium Quartz Cluster ~ RARE ~ Item A


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This is gorgeous, natural cluster of Lithum Quartz, straight as it comes out of the ground. This is the first new find of Lithium Quartz that we’ve had in awhile and these pieces are really lovely. It is so rare to find a cluster in this mineral, let alone for this price!

This cluster could be placed on a bedside or living room table (somewhere near to where you’ll be the majority of the time when resting) to clear the air of any low, depressing or heavy energies that make you feel down. You could also hold it between two hands when meditating or lie down and place it on the heart or above the head when meditation. They work really well with guided meditation in particular.

Lithium Quartz is rare. It is fabulous to pop in a water filter as the crystal energises the water, keeping all molecules radiating positive energy! Lithium Quartz is excellent for depression, panic attacks, anxiety & nervous disorders Calms the mind, opens the heart. Encourages one to be present in the here and now and release negative attachments. Removes stress, worry and anxiety.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.5cm (35mm) long x 3.0cm (30mm) wide.


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