This is a stunning, one off design made by a master jeweller who sells a lot of his work in Glastonbury (only I don’t add on a ridiculous ‘Glasto’ price tag!). It is absolutely stunning! Am not usually drawn to multiple stone pendants, but the minute I laid my hand on this (after it shouted for about half an hour!!), I instantly felt a combination of Arch Angel Metatron’s energy shoot straight through me followed by what felt like being wrapped in Arch Angel Michael’s cloak. I don’t usually write things like that in descriptions as each to their own ~ but it was so strong, it feels wrong to not say it.

Each individual piece in this pendant is perfect! 3 stones of faceted, natural Blue Topaz (can’t tell you how hard it is to find natural these days), 3 Rainbow Moonstone cabachons that all have a Royal Blue flash and a centrepiece of Madagascan Labradorite that has flash from all angles as it’s a polished dome. The Labradorite flashes between deep blue and the green captured in the photo.

If you’re looking for something that balances masculine & feminine energies during times of spiritual transformation, where you want to be fully open and receptive to enjoying the magic of walking your path, but still like to feel protected, then this piece is perfect 🙂 Oh…..and you’ll also be working with Angelic energies with it, no doubt about that!

This piece has a lovely energy & comes from Madagascar rather than the more commonly found Canadian or South American Labradorite. Labradorite is a magical, protective crystal. It enhances psychic abilities & increases one’s capacity to visualise. Can show the patterns that have created illness and help to release them, amplifying healing thoughts and prayers. This crystal draws you along your spiritual path, but in a fun, magical way. It alleviates stress and is said to lower blood pressure.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph (chain not included). Approx 4.3cm long (43mm) X 3cm wide (30mm).




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