Kammererite is an incredibly rare stone, which is extortionately priced ~ the energy is sooooo beneficial on so many levels however, it’s really worth the investment if you’re drawn to this unusual mineral. We only find pockets of it every decade or so and the latest find is now exhausted. These pieces are the last of that find.

This is an absolutely stunning bracelet of Kammererite set in thick Sterling Silver. The energy of this stone is incredibly different ~ expansive, yet urges us to go inwards. The perceptions and different perspectives it shows me when working through issues or if I’m struggling to accept someone else’s opinion are second to none. I’ve only ever got that clarity and expansive awareness from Moldavite or mainly Quartz based crystals in the past. My supplier has commissioned these jewellery himself so there won’t be much available elsewhere.

Kammererite is most definitely a stone of spiritual development. It stimulates our third eye, crown and etheric chakras. I’ve also found that it seems to allow us to feel on all levels simultaneously, which makes it a fantastic divination tool. It allows us to see things from a higher, spiritual perspective allowing us to become more flexible and accepting ~ particularly if we have strong views or beliefs that were set during childhood. If we find those patterns and thoughts difficult to shift as an adult, then Kammererite is a stone that can help greatly.

Please Click Here to read my informative, full blog on Kammererite.

You will receive the bracelet in the picture. Approx stone size 1.0cm (10mm) long X 0.8cm (8mm) wide. There are 8 stones and five adjustable settings between 18cm (180mm) and 23cm (230mm).



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