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Kakortokite -RARE – Item B


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This is a solid chunk of natural, raw Kakortokite. One of the rarest minerals on Earth. These pieces were located in a Fjord in Greenland. The price is extortionate, but the energy is incredible! Collector’s pieces for sure as we haven’t seen any new Kakortokite to the market for years now. There is no masculine or feminine to this mineral ~ it is all energy. If you are averse to either Earth or Star energy, don’t work with this mineral as it combines the two through our Tantien Chakra (power centre).

The energy of this mineral is strong Kakortokite brings acceptance and inner peace of levels that are hard to describe. It simply tears down any walls or illusions we’ve been selling ourselves and brings us to the core and truth of who we truly are. I find it one of the most powerful and humbling stones to work with. You need to be conscious and truly up for self awareness/development to work with this stone as it will take you deep within yourself, spiritual, emotionally and psychologically.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Check sizing carefully as this is a ridiculously expensive mineral. Approx 2.9cm (29mm) long x 2.9cm (29mm) wide.


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