This is a beautiful, hand carved, hand polished puff pillow or cushion in the luscious Iron Rose Quartz from Madagascar.  It has such a blissful energy, sitting weightily in the palm (I can’t quite close my fingers around it).

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Rose Quartz is the crystal par excellence for any matters relating to the emotions. This crystal is fantastic when we have just taken a spiritual leap in vibration or awareness – we ALL need our emotions soothed at some point and Rose Quartz is very soothing during any emotional discord or change. Our emotions are our guidance system to manifestation and creating our own reality ~ in order to manifest the life we want, we must have a strong emotional base that is balanced. Rose Quartz is excellent for fear, grief, relationships, giving and receiving love. It is the crystal I would reach for if I’d ended a relationship or job or felt upset on any level. Rose Quartz is also good for the physical heart and circulation. My Nana used to take her Rose Quartz heart into hospital with her (as she had a lot of cardio problems in her 60s) and the nurses often commented on how hot it was in her hand. She used to swear by it 🙂  The high quality of this Rose Quartz combined with the iron inclusions brings a stronger, more grounded, more tangible feeling and energy than regular Rose Quartz. This would be great for those whom have worked with crystals for some time and find they need a little extra on the emotional side. I have a piece myself and have used it frequently during times of change over the past months.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 4.8cm (48mm) long X 4.8cm (48mm) wide & approximately mm thick. Apologies for higher shipping, but this piece is chunky so will post at parcel rate.


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