This is a stunning piece of natural Hyalite Opal from Namibia that has an insane fluorescence under UV light as can be seen in the pic below. It can be held easily during meditation, laid on the body for physical healing or be left on a bedside table to work on your energies overnight.

Hyalite is a form of Opal, a water Opal to be exact, so it is highly beneficial in supporting our emotions. Specifically cleansing, clearing and releasing old, outworn emotional energy that no longer serves us. Hyalite supports us in calming our emotions and bringing ourselves back to centre, so it’s a really helpful meditation tool. It also clears through stuck, stagnant or foggy thinking, bringing new, fresh inspiration to our mind and energy system. This in turn enables us to connect from a deeply heart centred place and raises our energy so we are able to connect to and hear our guides and those who guide us from Spirit. All Opals enable astral travel and support us in journeying in the realms and dimensions of 4D & 5D. Hyalite takes us to the heart and truth of who we truly are and supports us in bringing that authentic side of ourselves into the light.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 1.9cm (19mm) long x 1.4cm (14mm) wide. This crystal must be packaged well using bubble wrap so that it arrives safely in one piece. It is hard to ascertain exactly what postal rate will be used, depending on whether it is ordered with anything else. If your parcel arrives and the postage is lower than £3, please do contact me for an immediate refund on postage. Thank you 🙂


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