Howlite Pendant ~ Item A


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This is a fabulous pendant in natural Howlite. It is set in Sterling Silver and you can tell this is quality as the silver is really thick and the hinges on the side of the pendant are excellent. The loop is large, so this pendant could go on a thick chain or leather thong.

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Howlite is excellent for angry people, those who rage, have tantrums, road rage and general bad temperedness! It is full of calcium and therefore great for teeth, bones, calcium absorption, pregnancy, muscular tension. Releases rage and stress. Excellent for insomnia. This is a great crystal to calm uncontrollable anger or erratic mood swings. Excellent for ADHD. Aids sleep as it releases rage, frustrations and resentment, easing the mind and facilitating deep sleep.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 5cm (50mm) long X 1.8cm (18mm) wide.


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