*HOME SHOWPIECE* ~ Uruguayan Amethyst Tower ~ One Off, Unique, Collector’s Piece


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This is a stunning Geode of the extremely dark Uruguayan Amethyst. Uruguayan Amethyst is the highest grade available Worldwide. There is no darker or clearer form.

This amazing Geode stands tall or can lie on it’s back, so we’ve taken as many photographs as possible to show the different aspects of this fabulous piece. There were several of these cluster/geodes, but this piece was the darkest, most vibrant and sparkly in comparison to the others. Even though my ego mind wanted to look for more ‘unusual’ crystals, my intuition and heart connected instantly to this piece, so it had to be included in the Home Collection.

I was particularly guided to pieces for the Home Collection, given that so many of us are now working from home. One, large piece of vibrant crystal can clear, soften, enhance or protect an entire room energetically, so everyone who uses that room receives energetic support & benefits in some way. This piece feels very light & playful, yet also very solid and protective. It has been polished around the edge to ensure none of the clusters or pieces of sparkly geode break off. This small amount of polishing makes this Geode look absolutely stunning and very high end as a feature piece in a room.

Purple Amethyst supports people in stepping onto a spiritual path. It’s why it’s the first crystal for many and can ignite a spark within us that connects us to our Soul and higher selves. Not only that, it keeps us aligned with our Soul Purpose and truth, which is why we can be drawn back to it again and again over the years. If you feel like you’ve veered off your path at any point, reach for Amethyst and it will slowly move you back in the right direction. Amethyst remains one of the most gentle, yet powerful crystal tools to help open our Third Eye Chakra or begin a new stage of spiritual development and growth. It gently supports us in connecting to our own intuition, our own truth, our own wisdom and in following the path that is right for us.

Physically, once it is cleansed and charged, Amethyst brings a very inspirational and joyful energy to us. Fresh is a word that comes to mind! I could feel it working on my organs, heart & circulatory system when directing it to hone in on the physical body and the energy flowed throughout the nervous system and blood cells. It’s quite a bright, uplifting, cleansing feeling and felt a bit like I’d had an internal energy cleanse or shower. Click Here to read my informative blog on Amethyst and how it is working with us today.

You will receive the crystal in the photographs. Approx 23cm (230mm) tall X 10cm (100mm) wide and a depth of 11cm (110mm). This is a large piece that weighs close to 3kg, so would energise a large living room, dining room, study or kitchen space beautifully. The only room I would not recommend this piece for is the bedroom, as Amethyst can often disrupt sleep. Some people are fine with the energy, but thought I’d better mention it for those who are not.

We will not know the exact postage price for this piece until we know which country it’s being sent to. There is likely to be an additional charge to ensure it is tracked, insured and packaged securely. As an approximation for a 3kg parcel, I’ve popped a guide below. We only ever charge what we pay on P&P, so will get in touch with the exact postage costs & invoice the additional required before posting. UK ~ £22.50    Europe ~ £55     USA ~ £70     Asia ~ £85



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