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*HOME SHOWPIECE* – Angel Aura Druzy Amethyst Heart Cluster RARE – Item A

This is an absolutely stunning, druzy cluster of Brazilian Amethyst that has been cut and polished (on the sides) into a gorgeous heart shape. It has received the Angel Aura treatment and been permanently bonded with a layer of pure Platinum & Sterling Silver. The colour and sparkle will NEVER fade. It shimmers, shines and reflects beautiful rainbow colours all over, throwing sparkle all over the walls of a room when sunlight hits it. This unusual piece has such a high, angelic based energy, it is simply blissful/divine. It is ridiculously sparkly and the points are large for a druzy cluster such as this.

This stunning cluster is an explosion of rainbow colours and energy! Its hard to capture how many facets of light it exhibits. This Collector’s Piece comes mounted on a display stand and can be easily taken off the stand when you want to work with it. This is really handy as the crystal can be taken off and used in healing treatments, meditations, crystal grids or for group work. It can then be popped back on the stand to sparkle and emanate it’s gorgeous energy around the room when not being used. This Statement Piece would look fabulous and emanate a lovely, soothing, calming and bright energy into any room of the home.

Angel Aura Amethyst facilitates wonderful Angelic connection and the energy is powerful, yet gentle, nurturing, supportive & comforting ~ as well as working softly on the third eye to open you up to your intuitive gifts and facilitate a strong connection to Spirit and Soul. Angel Aura also facilitates connection with our higher selves, with the angelic realm, with spirit guides and is a fantastic meditation tool. It’s energy soothes the mind, emotions and spirit – releasing stress and allowing you to relax into a quiet, stable space. Angel Aura is a fabulous tool to support you in learning new healing or divination modalities such as tarot, reiki, NLP or any spiritual or holistic based modality as it allows us to become still, to forget the worries of the day and connect peacefully to where knowledge is held.

This piece is also a fantastic meditation tool. Either sit with it in your lap or lie down and place it on the area of the crown chakra above your head. It’s quite beautiful to connect in this way. If doing group work, place it in the centre of the group and program it with the intention of expanding everyone’s positive energy, to bring in inner peace/calm, to connect to Spirit etc. Angel Aura and Amethyst have a multitude of uses, all of which are beneficial, even if we aren’t using the crystal consciously and are simply in the same room. The energy of this piece easily expands to fill a large living room or open plan family space.

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You will receive the crystal in the photograph, which comes with the display stand. Approx cm (mm) long X cm (mm) wide.

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