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The Collector’s piece this week is truly that. It is a stunning, deeply purple, large Trapiche Amethyst Sphere from Siberia. This Amethyst is revered the World over by mineralogists & collectors alike due to it’s depth of colour and rarity. If you Google ‘Trapiche’, the meaning they give is:

“Trapiche” is a type of milling wheel used to process cane sugar. This gemstone was named after it because of the similarity of appearance between the spokes of the mill and the growth pattern of the gemstone’s inclusions. True trapiches form where geothermal waters meet a carbonaceous host rock. Since the geological conditions necessary to create these gems are uncommon, trapiches are some of the rarest specimens on Earth.’

This stunning sphere is a powerhouse of crystal with clear Trapiche markings all over it. Some of the spheres, eggs and carvings coming out at the moment have taken my breath away. This piece was the best of only a few available. I bought a pendant in this mineral in Glastonbury several years ago and am still wearing it on many days now, so know it’s a consistent support during Ascension.

Trapiche Amethyst, in particular, is said to support our endocrine, immune systems & metabolism. It brings clarity to the mind, bringing in focus, concentration and breath of fresh air to how we think, perceive & communicate. It also opens up our 3rd eye, so is an amazing tool to use for divination, for answering questions, connecting to our guides or higher self and for meditation. Amethyst remains one of the most gentle, yet powerful crystal tools to help open our Third Eye Chakra or begin a new stage of spiritual development and growth.

Amethyst supports people in stepping onto a spiritual path. It’s why it’s the first crystal for many and can ignite a spark within us that connects us to our Soul. Not only that, it keeps us aligned with our Soul Purpose and authentic truth.

Physically, once it is cleansed and charged, Trapiche Amethyst feels very inspirational and joyful. I could feel it working on my organs, heart & circulatory system when directing it to hone in on the physical body and the energy flowed throughout the nervous system and blood cells. It’s quite a bright, uplifting, cleansing feeling and felt a bit like I’d had an internal energy cleanse or shower. It is a great crystal to work with when dealing with any issues relating to control or lack of control.

I would keep this beauty in any room of the house except near my bed, simply because it is a large piece with such a powerful energy, it could well disrupt sleep. It would be fine in a bedroom, just not on a bedside table unless you’re used to sleeping with extremely strong/high vibe stones. It’s a powerful divination tool too, so if you wanted to use it for traditional ‘fortune’ telling, be sure to keep a notebook handy as quite a lot of information floods through in one go.

Click Here to read my informative blog on Amethyst and how it is working with us today (as most information is from back in the 70s). A payment plan is available for this piece over 2-4 months. Please select cheque payment on checkout and confirm which payment schedule suits you best and I’ll invoice you each month via PayPal or Card. Initial deposit will be £65.

Approx 8cm (80mm) long X 8cm (80mm) wide. You will receive the sphere in the photograph, which comes with the revolving display stand, which is approx 6 inches tall. P&P is estimated. We don’t earn on postage, so only charge what we pay. The sphere is just over 1kg in weight, so we will work out the most cost effective and safest way to post once we know what country it will be posted to. This beauty must be sent via tracked/insured/signed for post if going overseas rather than International Standard.


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