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This is an absolutely stunning, thick, natural Agate slice that is held firmly in a solid display stand. Agate slices have been around for many many years, so I’m not usually drawn to them at all. There were several lined up against a back wall, all of which looked amazing, but I really wasn’t looking for Agate ~ until I saw this piece.

I walked over & stood in front of her (definitely feminine!) and felt such waves of calm and solidity within myself, it was quite beautiful. I have never seen such a druzy, natural slice in the colour nature intended, which is a soft, grey blue that will never fade (most Agate is dyed). The amount of pure, white, sparkly, druzy little clusters in the middle is a lot for a slice ~ this one is thick as they made sure not to lose any of the druze and it has been polished by hand to ensure this! The druze looks like snow on a winter’s day, sparkling & glistening in the sun. This piece is definitely for a group, family or room ~ it would look fantastic in an office, on a sideboard, in front of a hearth or on a mantelpiece. It would also lovingly lend itself to a yoga studio, meditation or healing space.

Agate amplifies positive energy, so anywhere where people gather ~ OR ~ where we retire for solitary peace & to connect, would be perfect.  I wouldn’t put it in a bathroom, simply because the condensation over time would dull the surface of the crystal. However, it would be fine if it were polished regularly. If you’d like to clean the outside edge or druze, simply use a soft toothbrush, a little non-abrasive toothpaste, give it a gentle scrub, wash it off, pat it dry with kitchen towel and then pop it in sunshine for no more than half an hour to dry, energetically cleanse and charge up.

If you would like to read my informative blog on Agates, please click here.

Agate is really good for the lower chakras, digestion and our lymphatic & adrenal systems ~ so it is an excellent crystal to sooth stress or upset and to facilitate release of any negative energies. Natural Agate is said to strengthen the mind & body, providing us with courage. Agate assists us in recognising truth and accepting circumstances as they are, not how we’d wish them to be. It is an amplifier of other crystals, especially during healing or the gathering of others.

Approx slice size 24cm (240mm) long X 18cm (180mm) wide. Approximate height when stood on the stand 32cm (320mm) high. It is just over two cms thick. You will receive the crystal in the photograph, which is one of a kind/unique. A payment plan is available for this piece over 2-4 months. Please select cheque payment on checkout and confirm which payment schedule suits you best and I’ll invoice you each month via PayPal or Card.

We only charge what we pay for postage & packaging, so will refund any excess or request any additional postage for this piece once it is parcelled up and weighed. We estimate the weight at 2.5kg. All overseas customers must select International Tracked/Insured/Signed for Post on checkout as we don’t want to risk these Home Collection beauties getting lost in transit. Any questions, please ask via the feedback form and we’ll get straight back to you. Many thanks. We have provided several photos from all angles, back and front and in different lights to show off as much of the crystal as possible.





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