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Hiddenite – Polished – Item L


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This is a gorgeous piece of rare Hiddenite. The camera flash washes out some of the colour of these pieces, but they are a beautiful, ethereal green.

Hiddenite brings up the hidden aspects of what our physical body tries to tell us through illness or disease ~ and then helps us to heal the emotional energy around anything suppressed or hidden. These pieces have a lovely energy to them and are fantastic to work with when doing Shadow work or facing our own darker, less pleasant personality traits. It supports us in bringing the shadow parts of ourselves into the light and opening our heart ~ primarily to ourselves first, then to others.

On a physical level, Hiddenite is said to be good for the heart, circulation, depression and mental disorders. It is the green form of Kunzite (Pink Spudomene) and really quite rare. It is a breath of fresh air to the heart and brings gratitude, joy and adventure into life. A mood enhancer and emotional stabiliser that heaps us deal with stress, worry, fear, grief & anxiety.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.1cm (21mm) long X 1.7cm (17mm) wide.

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