Green Tourmaline Rough ~ RARE ~ AAA Grade ~ Item C


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This is a beautiful, rough piece of rare Green Tourmaline, which is very dark & gemmy. These pieces are mostly chunky (please check sizing) and are jewellery grade. They would normally be sent to be cut & faceted into gemstones, but the energy is so incredible for opening our divine heart chakra, connecting to Mother Earth and our heart energy, I begged to have some pieces to sell as a crystal. These are expensive, but I promise the photos do not do the pieces justice. The clarity and depth of colour when holding them up to the light fills my entire heart with energy!

Green Tourmaline works deeply on the heart and emotional system, giving release to old wounds, pain and trauma. This crystal is perfect when healing from emotional pain, learning to love again and finding vulnerability difficult. It helps to bring walls down so we can truly connect with others. It also strengthens the heart and our emotions in positive ways ~ so instead of feeling defensive due to past hurt, we simply feel strong in ourselves and are able to open up a more emotionally.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx size 3.2cm (32mm) long X 2.4cm (24mm) wide.

Photo showing the clarity & depth of colour. AAA Grade!


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