This is a lovely, polished piece of Green Taralite.

R Simmons writes: “After a few moments holding my first piece of the stone now called Green Taralite, I felt pleasant currents moving around and through my heart. The stone presented itself energetically as flowing, friendly, happy, compassionate and wise. From the heart, where those qualities were apprehended, the currents moved up into the third eye area, where they stimulated a series of visions of a green female deity surrounded in light. I suddenly recognized the being as the Tibetan bodhisattva Green Tara. With that recognition came a bodily resonance of confirmation. Thus the stone presented itself as a set of qualities resonant with a Being, and kindled its name.

Green Taralite is a stone of well being, happiness and spiritual Light. It connects one’s awareness to the cosmos, and helps one recognize oneself as a member of the entire Universe. This stone can enable one to enter vibrational resonance with Divine beings in the spiritual realms. This resonance allows one to ‘travel’ to them in a very real way. In the inner worlds, to shift one’s resonance it to travel to the new vibration level upon which one’s attention is focused. Green Taralite has a wide range of resonances, which it can communicate to the user. One can use this capacity to attune to the vibrations of self-healing, out-of-body travel, contemplative insight and numerous other spiritual states.

Green Taralite represents and emanates the qualities of the being for whom it is named. Tara means ‘star’ in Sanscrit. Her themes are Universal Unity, peace, cooperation, destiny, energy and spirituality. In Hindu myth, Tara is a Star Goddess who encompasses all of time and the spark of life. She extends these energies to us, fulfilling our spiritual hunger. Green Tara is the ‘Mother Earth’–she is a fierce Goddess who overcomes obstacles and saves us from dangers, both physical and spiritual. The stone Green Taralite provides the embodiment of these qualities in a stone, allowing us to more readily ‘meet’ the Being known as Green Tara.

In spiritual self-healing, Green Taralite offers its energies for supporting all bodily systems that depend on flow. The heart and circulatory system, lungs, lymphatic system, liver and digestive system are all included. On the cellular level, Green Taralite offers the opportunity to invite Divine presence into the nucleus of every cell. This places Light in every cell, and is what is meant by Light Body Activation. It can also mean being overlighted by the enlightened Divine image of Green Tara herself.”

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.3cm (33mm) long x 1.2cm (12mm) wide.


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