A gorgeous, beautifully polished piece of Green Calcite. The photo doesn’t show the gorgeous, ethereal colour very well, but the energy of these pieces is sublime! This is super high grade. When I first saw it, it glowed, but the price was quite high for Calcite. Then I handled it and understood. The energy of this particular Green Calcite is the most beautiful I have ever felt. I could sleep on a bed of it!! These are chunky, polished pieces that fit beautifully in the hand.

Calcite is such a common mineral, I think a lot of people dismiss it because it hasn’t got bells and whistles. However, I have it all over the house as it is one of the most gentle, supportive, cleansing crystals in the mineral kingdom  and highly under rated 🙂 Please Click Here for my informative blog on Calcite.

Green Calcite reveals the root causes for anger generated disease. It stimulates the immune system and clears infections and can clear blockages in the arteries when used directly over the heart chakra. Green Calcite is a gentle healer of the mind and spirit, releasing old/negative behavioural patterns and helping us to move forward. A very tranquil stone that aids compassion. I use Green & Blue Calcite in a bath on a regular basis as they are so soothing and cleansing on a physical and energetic level.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.2cm (32mm) long X 2.1cm (21mm) wide.


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