This is a highly unusual and rare set of dangly earrings in Grape Agate/Chalcedony.  They are set in thick Sterling silver and have a sparkly, uplifting energy.

On a physical level, Grape Agate/Chalcedony is said to eases stress & anxiety, sooth the nervous system and elevate our mood. It is a  fantastic meditation tool that can take us to that inner, connected space within quite quickly. A very soothing, gentle, beautiful energy to work with that soothes emotions and calms fears. Grape Agate/Chalcedony is said to stimulate the third eye, but in such a caring way ~ giving us time to mull over insights and work with it’s energy. The feeling of peacefulness can be spread throughout the body. What a wonderful, quirky, gift from nature!

Approx drop 2.3cm (23mm), stone size approx 0.7cm (7mm) long X 0.7cm (7mm) wide. You will receive the earrings in the photograph. Apologies for the slightly higher shipping. These pieces must be protected and sent in a box.


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