Golden Labradorite Polished ~ Item D


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Golden Labradorite is an extremely rare crystal. These pieces listed online are medium sized pebbles and are of excellent quality, with a gorgeous clarity and energy. All I can say is you don’t need a big piece of this crystal ~ its hugely effective in your pocket or a crystal grid (these are a bit too big for a bra unless roomy!) and the energy is so clear it rings like a bell 🙂

This crystal has a wonderful feel to it. It captures perfectly the essence of the Golden Light Ray of energy. Golden Labradorite is recommended for creativity, manifestation of that which you desire, self-esteem, strength of will, clarity, self confidence and vitality. It ignites the Solar Plexus with positive, supportive, motivational energy.

Approx 2.9cm (29mm) long X 2.5cm (25mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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