This is a stunning, high quality Golden Healer Quartz Dragon’s Egg, also known as a Seer’s Stone in some parts of the world. They are named this because the outside of the crystal has been frosted with a flat slice to see into it’s depths. I tend to work with two egg’s at once (one in each hand), but the energy of these is quite strong, so one would be fine. The added bonus is if you leave them in the fridge, they’re amazing for headaches! Just rub the flat surface in gentle, circular motions over the temple points ~ the cold and energy of the crystal really seem to ease the ache 🙂

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Golden Healer Quartz has the ability to cleanse our auric field, filling it with light… Golden Healers can facilitate deep healing on all levels. It is an excellent crystal to use in all healing situations as it promotes the recognition of methods and techniques. Golden Healer crystals are consider Master Healers, accessing the Golden Ray of energy, which is said to be the highest vibration of light the human body can receive and sustain. Golden Healer Quartz raises the body’s frequency, to dissolve and release old thought patterns, behavioural patterns, blocks and issues. It supports healing the internal organs, stomach & immune system alongside boosting confidence & self esteem.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.8cm (38mm) long X 3.4cm (34mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this item is likely to post at small parcel rate. If your package arrives and postage is under £3, please contact me for a postage refund, thank you 🙂


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