Golden Fishtail Selenite ~ RARE ~ Item B


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This is a lovely, really tactile piece of Golden Fishtail Selenite. Fishtail Selenite is quite rare, but to find pieces that are deeply golden is even rarer! The energy is so beautiful and supportive. Each piece is unique. Please check sizing carefully as some of these pieces are small, whereas others are quite large.

Selenite can be used for cleansing and clearing auras or spaces within buildings, to pull Angelic/Spirit energies into a group/circle/buildling and for directing very cleansing, gentle energies. It facilitates growth, expansion and openness. Selenite is also called Halo Rock and is known for its gentle, serene connection to both Angelics and the Spirit Realms. It has also been used to accesses ancient records and is excellent for healing practitioners & meditation. On a physical level, Selenite is good for bones, teeth, muscles and physical flexibility.

Golden Fishtail Selenite in particular is said to deeply heal the nervous system. It stabilises emotions, bringing in calm and defusing tension. It is an excellent tool to use when experiencing or trying to recover from trauma, whether that be something we’ve experienced in the past and are only working through or healing now, or something in the present.  Click Here to read my informative blog on Golden Fishtail Selenite.

Golden Selenite is specifically much stronger than white Selenite and is said to aid entire body healing. Golden Selenite can take us to different dimensions, allowing us to view situations as a witness without emotional involvement or turmoil. It is an excellent manifestation and creative tool, so would be a powerful centre piece for a grid. Golden Selenite draws in light, joy and bountiful energies, which eases symptoms of lethargy, depression or SAD.

Approx 6.5cm (65mm) long X 2.2cm (22mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Apologies for slightly higher postage rate. These pieces must be packaged well to protect them, although the crystals are very solid/stable, being at least 15mm thick. Please contact me for a postage refund if this piece manages to go through at a lower postage rate. It’s hard to tell sometimes until it’s actually posted, but I certainly don’t want to overcharge. Thank you 🙂


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