GENUINE, Certified Boji Stones ~ Item B


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This is a gorgeous pair of Boji stones. There is one masculine stone, which is slightly bumpy and the smoother one represents the feminine. The energy is superb! A little strange, but I like that 😉

There are a lot of stones sold as ‘Boji’ on the market, but these are cheaper rocks known as Kansas Pop Rocks. They can contain a high amount of Sulphur. Genuine Boji Stones come from only one location, there is little Sulphur content in them and they are sold with a bright yellow certificate. If you haven’t got a certificate, they aren’t genuine Boji and I’d make sure to wash your hands after using them! All of my Boji are genuine  and you will receive a certificate with them.

On a physical level, Boji stones are said to be very detoxing, balancing, grounding and energising.  Boji Stones work on both our masculine and feminine energy at the same time. They clear emotional debris, baggage and old energy or help us release suppressed or pent up emotion. They bring in the masculine understanding of why we have experienced certain situations in our lives and provide a deep connection to both God and Mother Earth. Boji Stones are an excellent grounding AND energising tool and are particularly useful for those who work with elemental energy or shamanism.

Male stone approx 21mm x 18mm

Female stone approx 20mm x 18mm.

You will receive the stones in the picture and a certificate of authenticity.


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