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Fire Opal Ring – RARE – Item A – Size Q-UK, 8.5-US, 58-EU

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This is an absolutely stunning, natural Fire Opal, set in thick Sterling Silver. I haven’t seen jewellery of this quality/price in a long time. All of the rings have a flash of some kind, it’s just really hard to capture in a photograph. Extremely tactile and subtle energy too ~ there is fire, but it builds slowly at first and usually from within. I find this mineral a lot of fun to work with 🙂

Fire Opal works beautifully with the lower chakras: the Base/Root, Sacral, Tantien & Solar Plexus. It is said to be excellent for fertility issues in both men and women. Also good for hormone imbalance and chronic fatigue. Fire Opal enables us to abandon ourselves to the creative energies of the Universe, bringing in passion and enthusiasm. This crystal is EXTREMELY powerful – it will bring up issues and create strong change energy in your life, so be prepared for the upheaval and tears if you’re using it as support getting out of a tricky or painful situation. This upheaval and short term pain is necessary and the gifts gained on the other side of doing the work can’t be bought! For others who wish to use Fire Opal to ignite passion, address conception issues or fire up their creativity, again, you will be clearly shown what is preventing you from getting out there. I find this sort of work magical and life changing, but it’s not for the feint hearted.

Approx stone size 2.2cm (22mm) long X 1cm (10mm) wide. Ring size is in the main heading above. You will receive the ring in the photograph. I accept returns, no questions asked. Please note however that I do not offer a try before you buy service. People have taken advantage of this in the past and I’ve had to decline any further custom from them.

Please only purchase if the ring is your size or close to it. Obviously with rings, they have to fit comfortably, so am happy to exchange/refund no problem, but please respect this service. Thank you 🙂


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