Emerald Pendant ~ Item A


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This is a gorgeous Emerald Pendant set in thick Sterling Silver. It has a cracking colour and energy. These aren’t the highest grade pieces, but that is reflected in the price. They feel really raw, organic and potent however so am loving their energy 🙂 This piece is slightly darker/deeper in tone than in the photo, but I used a high flash to show the colour and shimmer under the surface of the crystal.

Emerald balances emotional turmoil and the confusion of time and space. Emerald centres us in our hearts and keeps us in the present moment so we don’t dwell on past emotional pain nor worry about the future. Emerald intensifies the Chakra energies and opens us up to deeper spiritual insight. It brings prosperity, tranquility, compassion and balance. Emerald protects against temptation and seduction and is the stone of rejuvenation,  keeping us feeling young and our heart’s open to what the Universe has to teach us. It also restores confidence in the young and is excellent to use after emotional trauma.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 2.5cm (25mm) long X 1.3cm (13mm) wide.


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