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Electric Blue Apatite Ring ~ AAA Grade – RARE – Item D – Size L-UK, 6-US, 52-EU

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These are the most amazing pieces of blue Apatite I have ever come across ~ either in it’s natural form or in jewellery. The colour is simply insane! I knew they would be expensive, but couldn’t resist getting them as they’re so rare. Am gutted they didn’t have any in my size 🙁  The energy is SO pure. I tried one of the rings on and could feel the sparks and energy move into my hand and up my arm.

Apatite is said to suppress or control the appetite, so is THE crystal to support us if trying to lose weight. Am sure they only attributed the weight loss theory due to the name of this mineral. However it does support mental strength and perseverance, so would be helpful on that level if you struggle to stick to a healthy eating plan (I’ll take a bucket load please!). Physically, it is said to be good for the eyes, optic nerves and heart. Apatite also heightens our intuition and hones any psychic abilities, giving us access to higher knowledge. It is a prosperous stone that is helpful for manifestation and abundance.

Approx stone size 1cm (10mm) long X 0.9cm (9mm) wide. Ring size is in the main heading above. You will receive the ring in the photograph. I accept returns, no questions asked. Please note however that I do not offer a try before you buy service. People have taken advantage of this in the past and I’ve had to decline any further custom from them.

Please only purchase if the ring is your size or close to it. Obviously with rings, they have to fit comfortably, so am happy to exchange/refund no problem, but please respect this service. Thank you 🙂

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