Dumortierite in Quartz ~ GENUINE/RARE ~ Item N


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This is a lovely piece of genuine Dumortierite in Quartz.

I say genuine as there are tranches of this rare mineral coming out of China that are fake. You’ll be able to tell as the Quartz of the fake mineral is always a snowy, milky white ~ whereas on real pieces there are areas that should be more see through or a variation in the quartz as there would be in a natural quartz cluster ~ rather than a solid, milky white throughout most of the ‘quartz’. It also tends to have a grainy, slippery feel to it where it’s been acid washed. True Dumortierite in Quartz cannot be acid washed as it would destroy the minerals.

Dumortierite clears mental fog, confusion and dissolves mental energy blocks. It enhances intuition and brings logic and clear interpretation of intuitive messages that are received, enabling the wearer to communicate them clearly and efficiently. Helps those who see themselves as outsiders to feel more connected to both the Universe and those around them. The Quartz amplifies all of the traits of the Dumortierite and expands our auric field, raising our vibration to aid that connection to our higher selves and guidance from the Universe.

Click Here to read my informative blog on Dumortierite.

Approx 7.2cm (72mm) long X 6.5cm (65mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.

Please check the postage cost on arrival of your package. I don’t like to earn anything on postage, but have had to select the higher category for these pieces as most need to be sent in bubble wrap to protect them. Am happy to provide instant refunds on postage if you feel you’ve over paid, please just drop me a line via the Contact Form or email [email protected]ges.com and I’ll sort it out immediately for you. Thank you.


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