This is a stunning piece of Dioptase set in thick Sterling Silver. It is so rare to find this crystal in jewellery as it simply isn’t stable enough. However, my supplier has very cleverly ensured there is a balanced mix of Dioptase and the matrix on which it grows, which holds the whole piece together as a solid, strong enough mineral to be made into jewellery.

The energy and colour are simply outstanding (I don’t mess with photos, the stone really is that colour!). Each of these pendants is unique. Quality Dioptase is getting harder and harder to source these days so the price has gone through the roof! As far as energy and working on childhood issues goes however, there isn’t a better crystal in the Mineral Kingdom and these pendants are incredibly affordable given what they are.

Diotase us a oowerful healer for those whom have physical disease due to past emotional trauma and/or abuse. It is also excellent for those who constantly go over the past in their minds & cannot let things go. Dioptase aids those whom have become victims to allow themselves to release old pain and move forward into healing. This stone is becoming essential for the energies of change that have impacted us all these past years. If you want to heal anything whatsoever from your past, use Dioptase. On a physical level its full of copper, so is excellent for pain, swelling, inflammation and anything to do with the heart or circulation. It is simply a wonderful, all round healing stone.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 3.3cm long (33mm) X 2cm wide (20mm)


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