This is a gorgeous, thick, chunky blade of pure, high quality, RARE Pink Danburite. The clarity, sparkle and energy of this piece is simply beautiful and SO rare to find these days. This piece is large for a Danburite rod, about the length of my ring finger. Pink Danburite is never a bright pink, you almost question whether there is any pink at all, but then place it against a white background and suddenly it can be seen ~ I feel these ethereal sparkle and slight hint of pink is what makes it so special. It is SUCH a beautiful crystal both energetically and to work with. This piece is pinker in reality than in the photograph.

Danburite is excellent for clearing allergies and chronic conditions, particularly those associated with the liver & gallbladder. A Shaman’s tool, Danburite is best used by those whom work with shamanic or natural energies. Danburite is excellent for cleansing. It connects strongly to guides & higher beings/Spirit during dreams and meditation. Danburite is a highly programmable crystal that is very powerful & can work deeply on many levels, simultaneously.

Pink Danburite, in particular, is one of the sweetest, most beautiful energies I have ever worked with. It literally opened my heart up and brought tears to my eyes when first connecting to it. Such divine LOVE flows through this ethereal mineral. For those walking a spiritual path who want to work from their heart, to be guided by their intuition and feelings (rather than the logical mind), to heal from past emotional pain, to learn how to love again or who wish to practice self love, Pink Danburite is the perfect ally. Or if you simply want connect your enormous heart & capacity to love to the crown chakra, gently opening up each energy centre to work together, in harmony, this is one of the most blissful crystals I’ve ever used. It seems to connect us to the highest vibration of ourselves and guides us gently, but firmly, towards a positive future. Pink Danburite not only ignites our heart, but our higher heart centre too. It aids us in clearing past karmic or ancestral ties ~ a lot of crystals seem to be coming to the fore now (Kammererite & Ancestralite for example) to help us clear those energetic ties to the past, so it is something many of us are collectively working on. I feel angelic energy when working with Pink Danburite too, but I don’t know if that would be the same for everyone ~ but the energy was so strong, again, I had tears in my eyes as the ‘love’ and emotion it filled me with was almost overwhelming, but in the most beautiful way 🙂

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 6.3cm (63mm) long X 2.7cm (27mm) wide. This piece is quite chunky so will post at a higher shipping rate. If your parcel arrives and the cost is under £3, please contact me for an immediate refund on the difference. Thank you.


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