Crystal Visions ~ The Angel’s Wing ~ Personal Power


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This is an original piece of artwork titled The Angel’s Wing that has been imbued with Tiger’s Eye & Swarovski Crystals. The energy relates to self confidence, strength and personal power and you will receive a short, personally channelled message with your painting.

I was guided to start painting many years ago. Symbols and artwork kept appearing in dreams and my mind kept wandering to various ways of working creatively with energy, sparkle and crystals.

However, I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since school and had no idea how to go about it ~ so the nudges were pushed to one side. One weekend, I was exhibiting at a large Mind, Body & Spirit Show. A lady walked up to the stand and asked ‘Are you the crystal lady from Norwich’, to which I replied ‘Yes’. She then went on to say ‘I can’t stop as I’m in a rush, but Spirit have asked me to give you the message that You need to start painting now!‘ and that was it. She blew me a kiss and disappeared out of the door.

I was stunned and spent the rest of that week mulling the idea over. The following weekend saw another exhibition and this time, I had a reading during lunch. Within minutes, the medium was telling me to start painting & couldn’t move on until I had not only acknowledged the message, but promised to do so. Concerned that the next nudge would be someone knocking on the front door, I finally listened!

Not really having a clue of what to do, I bought some acrylic paints, canvasses, brushes and then surrendered to being intuitively guided to various bits and pieces. It felt odd as it felt like I’d painted before given how instinctively I knew what to do with the materials, but it certainly wasn’t in this lifetime!

The biggest blessing wasn’t in realising I could create energetic artwork ~ that was a shock & still is every time I finish a piece and feel the full impact of it’s energy. The biggest gift was the connection it brought me to Angelic & Ancestral energies, teaching me how to become a powerful channel. They would surround me when painting, whispering words, stories and images into my mind’s eye until I eventually had to put those words onto paper as channelled messages. That connection is even stronger today and it is my belief that these lovely beings have given me a nudge as our work together is to bring more light energy into the World.

During the years I exhibited at events, so many different paintings flowed through from Sacred Goddess Spirals to the Tree of Life, Angels, Buddhas, Medicine Wheels, Sacred Geometry and lots of Aboriginal Animal Totems. All of them being powerful, ancient energetic symbolsWhen it was time to stop doing exhibitions/events and take Serendipity Crystals online, the stock of paintings were carefully wrapped, boxed up in storage and have been there for several years now. However, the dreams started up again recently! Having learned last time round, I’ve immediately trusted that guidance. I was shown that these beauties had to be brought out into the light, charged up and popped online. This would create space for new artwork and commissions to come through. Creative energy is powerful manifesting and connection energy ~ something all of us need to be tapping into going forwards.

Each of my paintings is absolutely unique as they are personal to whomever is drawn to them. I only use water from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury and imbue the painting with the power of symbology, energy and crystals. Each original painting comes with a personal, channelled message that will mean something to you. I don’t make cards or prints out of respect for this process. You not only receive an original piece of artwork, but an energetic tool to support & guide you going forwards.

You can work with these vibrant energy tools just by holding them quietly and looking at them whilst you think about the message you’ve received. Focus your eyes in and out as you would if trying to see someone’s aura & don’t freak out if the symbol moves when you’re working with it (I say this as it still makes me jump sometimes). They are deliberately designed to interact with light, so can look quite different between morning, noon and night as shown in various pictures below. Most have glitter on them and can be moved to fully sparkle, or to show very little at all, just by changing the light. They’re also a fantastic meditation focus and a visual reminder of the support you have in the higher realms. The smaller paintings can also be used as the centre piece in crystal grids.

I am happy to take commissions if you see a painting or symbol that you’re drawn to, but would prefer a different colour/energy. Or if you see something symbolic that you’d love to have created on canvas, I’d be happy to chat about whether it resonates for me creatively. Please just drop me a line by using the Contact/Feedback form at the top of the website.

This is a small sized painting ~ 15cm long (6 inches) and 10cm wide (4 inches) and will be posted in abundant packaging to ensure it arrives safely and ready to hang straight on a wall. This is a thick, box canvas, so can also easily stand on a table or sideboard. If ordering from outside the UK, you must select International Tracked/Insured Postage on check out to guarantee prompt & safe delivery.



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