Crystal Gridding Points ~ Set of 8 Clear Quartz Points ~ Item A


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This is a set of eight, Clear Quartz Points, straight as they come out of the ground ~ they can be used in many different ways, but work perfectly in a Crystal Grid. They are really high grade!

If you would like to read my informative blog on how to set a Crystal Grid, please Click Here.

These points have been knocked a bit just in the general action of mining them, but I love the earthy, organic feel of them. The clarity and energy of these pieces is simply beautiful. Each is unique and many of these points have other special attributes such as being Record Keepers or Generators or having Windows, Timelines, special inclusions or Isis Faces etc. Click Here to read more about these special attributes in the Crystal Formations section of the website.

Quartz is a general, all round healer for all conditions. Quartz is a conductor, transmitter and keeper of energy patterns & vibrations. Excellent crystal for starters as its energy is gentle & constant. Can help all types of healing therapies and alternative work. It is the perfect tool to use in crystal grids, to direct and amplify energy and intent.

The smallest of these points is 2.6cm (26mm) long x 0.8cm (8mm) wide. Please check sizing carefully, thank you 🙂

You will receive the crystals in the photograph. Apologies for the slightly higher postage but these will have to post at small parcel rate.


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