This grid is all about connecting to Universal energies from heart, mind and Spirit in order to facilitate spiritual growth ~ which will probably require some personal growth and changes too in your day to day life ~ hence the centre piece being Prairie Tanzanite as it is SO emotional supportive, soothing and uplifting whilst the other energies take your vibrations up. I’ve taken two pictures of this grid as the pink/purple tones are often hard to see without a flash.

All of my grids can be set up anywhere in the home because they are small, with the highest quality crystals  and the most vibrant energy. You can set the grid up as I have in the picture, or go with your own intuition and try something completely different. If you’d like to know how to set up, activate and use a grid, please read FREE easy ‘How To’ Guide by clicking here.

I believe that a crystal grid is more powerful & connected to us if we place a crystal in the middle that is very meaningful to us and not bought as part of a grid set. So I include a small crystal to go in the centre of each grid. This should be placed either on top of or alongside a larger, more personal crystal that has been placed there by you. Once the grid has been set and activated, you can then pick up and take the smaller crystal with you where ever you go, which keeps you strongly connected to the energy of your grid. Taking the smaller crystal away will not affect the grid at all as the intent all along with have been to remove it once the grid has been activated.   Or, if you prefer, the grid can be set as is, with the existing centre crystal being left in the middle. It is entirely up to you ~ always go with what feels right to you 🙂

This beautiful grid consists of:

2 x Aqua Aura Points

2 x Celestial Aura Points

8 x Amethyst

12 x Clear Quartz

With a centre piece of a large Prairie Tanzanite pebble.

This grid is for spiritual development through mental, spiritual and emotional growth. A great one for when unexpected things happen and we need some emotional support and stability, but also need a clear head and to be able to connect to our inner selves for guidance and empowerment. This grid can be set with a gentle intention or a powerful one, the crystals are happy to work either way so be very focused and specific on how you wish it to work for you. Sometimes we need calm to see us through the storm and sometimes we need a powerhouse to break through chaos in order to see the higher purpose. 

I try to create grids that can be used for various different things, so the grid can be used for one issue, then dismantled, maybe mixed with a different centrepiece or some other crystals or with the existing crystals moved into a different arrangement and then activated for another issue. That way, you get the most out of paying for a grid.

The crystal grid set comes with a copy of this entire description alongside a picture of the grid. Apologies for the higher shipping, but some of these pieces will need bubble wrap. If your package arrives and hasn’t moved up into the higher category of postage (over £3), please do contact me and I’ll immediately refund the difference. Thank you 🙂


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