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I have come across an incredibly rare collection of Cintamani Stones. Each piece literally fizzed in my hand with energy. It’s been quite some time since that has happened and it immediately made me feel curious and exited. I’ve been carrying one ever since!

Much has been said about Cintamani Stone and all of it good. So I had to look into what these little darlings can bring us. Cintamani is considered a sacred stone to both Hindus and Buddhists. They call it a gift to the Earth from the skies as they believe it came from the Sirius star system. In fact, evidence proves that the Cintamani stone did come from the Sirius star system some millions of years ago. It happened during a Galactic superwave when a planet that was orbiting Sirius A exploded and flew in all directions, with some of these fragments reached Earth. Gods and Goddesses adorned themselves with Cintamani, elevating the respect and magic of the stone.

Cintamani presents as weathered volcanic glass and to date, is only found only in Eastern Arizona, USA. There have been rumours of another deposit located in the Himalayas and possibly the Phillipines or Bali, but I cannot confirm those as yet. It is also known as Saffordite, which contains crystalline Magnetite, making it an integral part of the Earth’s energetic grid. Our brain also contains Magnetite crystals, making Cintamani Stone a fabulous meditation tool and holistic ally. It’s almost like this tiny little stone came to bring us back into ourselves and then connect us to the wider energetic grid of the Earth.

These stones are fabulous conductors of energy. Drunvalo Melchizedek (author of the Flower of Life, sacred geometry books) talks about the relocation of a very important ‘extraterrestrial’ crystal that will contribute to the change of energy of the Earth from masculine to feminine. It is said that Cintamani balances our energy fields and anchors in whatever, specific frequency we choose to focus on (light, love, forgiveness, acceptance, self worth etc). It is said to help dissolve any implants, darkness, entities or negative energies our system may be carrying, transmuting darkness into light.  Some days we all need something that not only helps us get back on track, but also makes life pleasant, magical and fulfilling.

On a personal level, I am finding that Cintamani & Natural Citrine as a combination are most definitely bringing me back to my authentic self and allowing me to release old patterns and move through fears that go back to early childhood. Am still mid way through working on these issues, but they are coming up easier and triggering less resistance within my mind and body since I started using the Cintamani. LOVE how the Universe brings us what we need when we need it 😉

The photograph below is to simply show the stones in a group as they are highly unusual little treasures 🙂 You will receive the stone in the main photograph.  Approx size is 1.9cm (19mm) long x 1.5cm (15mm) wide. Please check sizing carefully as these are small stones ~ proving that size really doesn’t matter 😉


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