Chrysocolla Polished ~ AA Grade ~ Item K


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Chrysocolla always brings me such joy and I consider it a master healing tool – it works on SO many levels and the colour!!! Its colour is intense, natural and entirely created by our wonderful Earth.

This is a gorgeous, polished piece of the highest grade Chrysocolla I’ve seen (available to the market) since working with crystals. Most of the time, Chrysocolla can look a little greenish as it contains copper and that is usually the predominant mineral to produce the colour green. However, in it’s purest form, Chrysocolla is blue. A gorgeous, intense, stunning mix of vibrant blues. The energy of these pieces is incredible and I’ve been carrying a piece in my pocket myself since bringing stock home. If you only have one crystal in your tool kit for feminine energy and release of deep emotion, as well as moving us simultaneously towards more Joy, then Chrysocolla is the one to have, even more so than Rose Quartz IMHO. It has been the most amazing ally when releasing grief!

Chrysocolla is an amazing crystal on so many levels. It increases our capacity to love others. Flushes out and heals heart blockages relating to fear, grief or loss. Excellent for releasing guilt or irrational fears. Good for those whom have suffered trauma or abuse, particularly as a child or in close relationships. On a physical level, it is great for blood sugar balance, diabetics, arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory disorders and anything involving hormones or internal organs. Draws out pain & heat – an anti-inflammatory crystal – a natural, beautiful blend of blues & greens.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2cm (20mm) long X 1.5cm (15mm) wide.


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