This is a beautiful, RARE Champagne Aura Quartz point. These are extremely rare and have a solid, supportive, motivational energy. These are small points that would easily fit in a pocket and each has a special attribute such as an Isis face, Window, Timeline, Key or is a Tantric ~ if you’d like to read more about these special attributes or identify any of them on your crystal points, please head to the Crystal Formations section of the website Here.

If you would like to read my informative blog on Aura Quartzes, please click here.

Champagne Aura brings light energy into our system to heal the mind, body and spirit. It is said to aid spiritual ascension, to connect one to the Universe, opening us up to new experiences & connecting us strongly to spirit. Champagne Aura is said to heighten our levels of spiritual awareness.

Approx 3.4cm (34mm) long X 2.1cm (21mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.  



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