This is a beautiful, RARE Champagne Aura Quartz cluster. These are extremely hard to get hold of and have a solid, supportive, motivational energy. They are a small to medium size with each piece being uniquely different. Some are very druzy with tons of sparkle, others have bolder points that are extremely clear. You will be drawn to the piece that can support you the most 🙂

It is almost impossible to source this crystal and I’ve recently discovered why. Unfortunately, the gentleman responsible for the rare Aura Quartz range has passed away, taking his formulas for certain auras with him. He only ever wrote them down when they went into large production (such as Aqua, Angel/Opal, Rainbow and Sunshine Auras). The pieces currently listed are the last of the small, rare batches he used to release from time to time and as he was focusing on improving quality, you’ll understand if you’re drawn and start working with this piece. The flash washes out some of the colour in the photos, but these pieces have a solid, amazing colour all over them that is a lot more vibrant in person.

If you would like to read my informative blog on Aura Quartzes, please click here.

Champagne Aura brings light energy into our system to heal the mind, body and spirit. It is said to aid spiritual ascension, to connect one to the Universe, opening us up to new experiences & connecting us strongly to spirit. Champagne Aura is said to heighten our levels of spiritual awareness.

Approx 3.5cm (35mm) long X 2.5cm (25mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.  



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