Gemmy Celestobarite Pendant ~ RARE


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Celestobarite is quite a rare mineral to source, but it isn’t silly expensive. This is a stunning, polished Cabachon of vibrant Celestobarite set in thick, Sterling Silver. Celestobarite is usually an opaque mineral, but every now and again a clear specimen is found and I’ve been lucky enough to find just this one pendant that is simply sublime! It is so feminine and feels like the energy is swirling up from the Earth around my feet and around my body in a slow, sparkly vortex. Really cool! 🙂

Celestobarite is a shamanic oracle that shows you both sides of the coin, providing answers to issues that are not clear, but leaving you to decide what to believe. This stone reminds us that nothing stays the same and looks to past, present and future, exploring the multidimensional layers of being. With strong shielding energy, this is an excellent journeying stone that holds you suspended between the base and crown chakras and takes you safely into the shamanic middle world that lies parallel to the everyday world in which reside soul aspects and entities. Celestobarite cuts through barriers and takes you to the edge and beyond – its energy is slow, sweet and soothing.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 5.3cm (53mm) long X 1.6cm (16mm) wide.


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