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Brucite – Item M


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This is a gorgeous piece of natural Brucite, which has a really strange energy, but I love it! Each of the pieces currently in stock is pure Brucite, with very little base rock or matrix attached.

The energy of Brucite moves through the entire meridien system, indicating where there are physical blocks and healing required. Brucite is a new crystal of the current time & is not even noted in most crystal books as it is only now becoming available to us. Brucite creates a powerful beam of energy from above our heads, straight down through the body and into Mother Earth. It also creates a spiraling helix of energy out in the auric field around our bodies that is bright, white and deceptively powerful. Softer than Moldavite and Azeztulite, but just as powerful.

Brucite heals the emotions, the mind and the physical self as its energy travels through the entire meridian & auric system and out to one’s extremities. It activates all chakras and is most commonly felt in the third-eye. Brucite is excellent if you feel torn between what you think & what you feel. Its energy integrates the heart and mind, aiding decisiveness and clear communication. Brucite creates balance and centering amidst chaos, bringing mental and emotional stability. Excellent crystal for healers.

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You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3cm (30mm) high X 2.5cm (25mm) wide.

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