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Bronzite Pendant – RARE – Item D


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This is a stunning pendant of polished Bronzite set in thick Sterling Silver. It shimmers and glimmers under light and has a strong, supportive, stabilising energy. I’ve never seen such lovely jewellery in this mineral before as it’s quite rare.

Bronzite is used for protection, as it not only repels, but also sends back the negative energies to the sender. Spiritually, Bronzite assists us in achieving a state of certainty allowing us to easily adapt to the best path to take. It clears confusion, helping our ability to make decisions and choices about our life path. Bronzite is a “stone of courtesy”, especially helpful to people who greet and assist the public. It will even instill a polite nature in those around you. Emotionally, Bronzite promotes a loving and unprejudiced discernment within us. It provides the ability to resolve unsettled emotions in our life. Mentally, Bronzite provides us with the courage to act on our thoughts and feelings. It instills the courage to follow through with life path decisions.

Approx 1.8cm (18mm) long X 1.4cm (14mm) wide. You will receive the pendant in the photograph.

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