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Bornite (Peacock Ore) – Rough – Item F


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This is a lovely little hand held chunk of natural Bornite (also known as Peacock Ore). The colours, shimmer and sparkle are 100% natural and makes my jaw drop at how amazing Mother Earth’s creations are. These pieces are AAA Grade and the energy is incredible as it called across the warehouse to me and I was instantly flooded with joy when I saw what mineral was shouting.

Bornite works simultaneously on all of our chakras. It’s a great mineral to use when we’re shifting old energy and integrating the new. It is said to stimulate the eyes, nerves, muscles, heart & lungs.  Bornite is useful for long hours of visual work as it provides stamina and is a visual and mental stimulant. It also aids us in seeing things in our minds eye clearly and with our visualisation skills, so is quite a magical manifestation and meditation tool.

Approx 4cm (40mm) long x 4cm (40mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. These are quite chunky pieces, so fall into the small parcel category. However, if we can get the parcel through as a large letter, we’ll refund any overpayment on postage immediately.

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