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Blue John Fluorite – RARE – Rough – Item J


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This is a piece of the extremely rare natural, British, Blue John Fluorite from Derbyshire. Each piece is individual/unique and I selected them personally on a recent visit to the Treak Cliff Cavern. Each of these pieces comes with a little notelet from the Cavern that provides details of the Blue John. Apologies, the flash washes some of the colour out in the pic ~ these pieces are a very deep, dark, purple and look almost black until held up to light.  They are rough, straight as they come out of the ground and have the most amazing energy. I haven’t seen such pure/rough pieces like this before. However, a new vein has been located in Derbyshire and they are releasing rough chunks of Blue John for sale for the first time in many years.

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Fluorite clears the mind of stress from fast paced living and is said to bring order to chaos, helping one navigate the energy of ”change”. Opens the higher chakras, cleansing & recharging them and aiding clarity/honesty. Essential basic for aura & healing work. Fluorite is excellent for eye problems, detoxification & respiratory disorders of all kinds. Green Fluorite is also excellent for those who did not receive the love/support from their mother as they were growing up. This piece sits well in the hand and would be excellent as a healing tool to lay on the heart chakra.

Approx 5cm long (50mm) X 3.5cm wide (35mm). You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Apologies for the higher postage. This pieces must be posted at small parcel rate in order to protect them.

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