A gorgeous polished piece of the very rare Blue Beryl. We don’t find large pieces of this gemstone, nor do we need a big piece as the energy works in a very subtle, but consistent way. I would advise keeping this crystal on you for a week and see what patterns and insights it brings up. It can be kept in a pocket or roomy bra and placed on the bedside table at night when sleeping.

On a physical level, Blue Beryl is good for the throat & respiratory infections as well as easing an overwhelmed nervous system. Blue Beryl is all about releasing old baggage, healing old emotional wounds and working through the difficult emotions associated with betrayal or experiences from our past that we find difficult to shake off. It is a supportive stone that draws in strength and clarity. Many say that Aquamarine is Blue Beryl, but Aquamarine is more blue/green. Blue Beryl is absolutely pure blue, with no hint of green and has a different energy completely to Aquamarine.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.3cm (33mm) long x 1.4cm (14mm) wide.


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