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Black Tourmaline – Polished – Item C


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Really high quality, polished piece of Black Tourmaline. These are lovely little chunks. All of these pieces are high grade and have a strong, stable, protective energy.

Please Click Here if you’d like to read my detailed blog on Black Tourmaline and how to best use it 🙂

Black Tourmaline deflects negative energy. We cannot stop other people behaving in a negative manner, but we can use Black Tourmaline to protect ourselves so the behaviour of other people doesn’t affect us as much ~ and we don’t take it on!

Black Tourmaline clears negative energy blocks in our physical system and aura, can move ley lines and energetic blocks in buildings/areas and strongly protects from anything negative being directed at us. I have personally used it to grid homes, move energy lines and its excellent for gridding & workshops. Not the prettiest crystal, but certainly the most effective in what it does.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx size 2.5cm (25mm) long X 1.8cm (18mm) wide.

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